VReleased Developers

Interested in distributing your VR experience with VReleased?

To sign up and become a VReleased developer please Email: Info@VReleased.com with the information below.

  • Do you have a VR headset?
  • If you need a headset which one are you interested in? We support the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Pixel, and the Gear VR.
  • Please provide information on your game. What stage are you at in development?
  • Can you provide a trailer, demo footage, or a playable demo?
  • What VR devices does it support?
  • A VReleased account that belongs to a company member with the authority to provide tax and banking information, and sign contracts.

  • If you are requesting a VR headset please allow us additional time to review your application.

    Update your VReleased Content.

    Would you like to update your game's product page? Please email us at Email: Info@VReleased.com

    VR Platforms

    • HTC Vive
      Room scale, 6 dof motion controllers

    • Oculus Rift
      Room scale, 6 dof touch controllers

    • Samsung Gear
      Mobile VR

    • Google DayDream
      Mobile VR, 3 dof motion controller